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Welcome to the Lakewood First Lions Club website!

We are delighted that you are checking us out, and hope to pursuade you to also check us out at one of our meetings. You could just better your life and the lives of many in your community, even if just by a notch or two. Our postal address is:
Lakewood First Lions Club
P.O. Box 99158
Lakewood, WA 98496

Special Note on Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids
Hearing aids and eyeglasses may be available to income-qualified individuals on a very limited basis. When our annual fund allowance becomes depleted we may not be able to provide this service. Email mstocke@gmail.com for basic information.

Lakewood First Lions continues to collect these items for refurbishing. We do not provide eyeglasses to individuals, but collect them and forward them to our processing center. They are then prepared for refurbishing if suitable.

Regular Meetings (open to drop-by guests)
2nd & 4th Mondays of every month
All meetings held at noon at:
The Ram Restaurant
10013 59th Ave. SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Lakewood First Lions members adhere to two guiding philosophies – Serve the community and relish the fun and camaraderie. We have been successful at both. Live Like a Lion is more than a slogan - it's a calling.

Like all service organizations our club has varied in size over the years. What hasn't varied is our commitment to the mission of Lions Clubs International and to the needs of our community.

Again next year our community will benefit from the proceeds received at this year's Crab Feed event and other fundraisers held throughout the year.

To learn how you can turn your spare time into a valued benefit to your community, check out "Membership" page.

See how Lions are organized on our "Club Structure" page


Recent Happenings:

Meeting Agenda: See Membership Page

Below: InstallationCeremony Free CERT Training Lions Man the Math Relay Public Works Director Presentation

District Governor Weatherly Addresses LFL
Subjects range from membership to participation at other Lions levels

"New Mountains to Climb," the theme of Lions International President Chancellor Bob Corlew, is a four-point program – each point representing a type of service project – to continue the Jan Weatherlyoutstanding record of service achieved by Lions Clubs International throughout its first century of existence. Our District Governor Jan Weatherly is making her rounds as our new governor to spread the word about ending the organization's first century of volunteerism and marching into the new century with renewed vigor and commitment.
"It's all about what we do for others," Weatherly expressed as pride in the past and said, "We did an awful lot in the first hundred years and there is more to do in the second hundred years." Her key to achieving more is not to load heavier burdens onto members shoulders, but to add more members to share and increase each club's ability to do more.
Her theme as she travels the district throughout the year is "Let Your Light Shine," rhyming with and adding to the impact of the international theme, "New Mountains to Climb." Weatherly's meaning is for members to show what Lions do for each community served – both as an organization and as individual members. As such there will evolve a new awareness of 100 year bannerLions' contributions and an increase in interest in joining Lions Clubs. To provide a long-term reminder of her theme she gave out a three LED keychain flashlight to each member in attendance. Bright enough to light the path for others looking into membership and those that have become members, but are not yet fully versed in the multi-faceted mission of Lions Clubs International.
At the end of the meeting the Governor had club members sign a banner that will be marched in the international parade in 2018 celebrating the 100 years of service of L.C.I. All in attendance gathered later and posed for a photo with everyone shining their new lights on the governor.
group photoAt the end of the meeting the Governor had club members sign a banner that will be marched in the international parade in 2018 celebrating the 100 years of service of L.C.I.

Installation + Induction = Continuation
Lakewood First Growing, Changing, Getting on with Serving

The annual installation ceremony in any club is always a festive, joyful event. It's a time of looking at what's been and what is to be. A time to praise individual efforts and re-assign roles. At Lakewood First Lions praises are a given, what with the heartfelt time and toil invested by so many members. But this year was kind of special — special because Melvin Jones made a guest appearance at the party to recognize a very special person.

Melvin Jones is the founder of Lions Clubs International. Now long gone but always honored, he makes his appearance in the form of the most cherished form of recognition a member can receive — the coveted Melvin Jones Fellowship. It is not a recognition given lightly, and the recipient is determined by those best able to judge the merits that person's contributions to the causes of the organization. The club makes a substantial monetary payment to Lions Clubs Lakewood First Lions President DeAnne BennettInternational and receives a handsome plaque for the recipient. Because of the nature of the work done by members they can and often do receive numerous certificates of accomplishment and achievement during their membership. But the one that is sure to hang in a prominent location forever is the Fellowship plaque.

This year the honor was earned by a relatively recent member whose contributions to the club's work has astounded even life-long members. She is now serving as president of the club for another year-long term, so the future looks promising as DeAnne Bennett takes hold of the reins armed with plenty of Lions leadership experience under her belt.

There are many more photos and more information from the installation to view by clicking for the Live Like a Lion newsletter here.