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We are delighted that you are checking us out, and hope to pursuade you to also check us out at one of our meetings. You could just better your life and the lives of many in your community, even if just by a notch or two. Our postal address is:
Lakewood First Lions Club
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Special Note on Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids
Hearing aids and eyeglasses may be available to income-qualified individuals on a very limited basis. When our annual fund allowance becomes depleted we may not be able to provide this service. Email mstocke@gmail.com for basic information.

Lakewood First Lions continues to collect these items for refurbishing. We do not provide eyeglasses to individuals, but collect them and forward them to our processing center. They are then prepared for refurbishing if suitable.

Regular Meetings (open to drop-by guests)
2nd & 4th Mondays of every month
All meetings held at noon at:
The Ram Restaurant
10013 59th Ave. SW
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Lakewood First Lions members adhere to two guiding philosophies – Serve the community and relish the fun and camaraderie. We have been successful at both. Live Like a Lion is more than a slogan - it's a calling.

Like all service organizations our club has varied in size over the years. What hasn't varied is our commitment to the mission of Lions Clubs International and to the needs of our community.

Again next year our community will benefit from the proceeds received at this year's Crab Feed event and other fundraisers held throughout the year.

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Below: City Presents Economic Growth Plans Springbrook Summer Program Child Study & Treatment Center

Future Promises Significant Growth for Lakewood
Every aspect of Lakewood business and commerce affected

At our club's meeting on September 12th Becky Newton of the City of Lakewood's EconomicBecky Newton Development Department painted a very active picture for business development in the city between 2016 and 2017. For residents and visitors alike who bemoan the limited options for eating out in Lakewood, that in particular will experience considerable expansion.

The promising aspect about the entire business growth is that it is not all about restaurants. Projects either already started, being permitted or in the planning stage are spread out to many regions of the city. Growth is on the way for food service, hospitality, medical service, retail and leisure activities. They will be investing in our central business district (think Lakewood Towne Center and surrounding streets) as well as Woodbrook, Pacific Ave., South Tacoma way and more, and includes expansion of already established businesses, such as Lakewood Ford and Kenworth NW. Of course, all this expansion and growth will bring many new jobs.

The specifics are too many for this article, but information is available on the city website, www.cityoflakewood.us.



Lakewood 1st Marks end of Springbrook Summer Program
Cookout of garden veggies highlighted
Photos submitted by IPP Eric Warn
Springbrook summer end

Zone C1 Members Go on Eye-opening Tour
Material and cash donations will help children at the hospital

By Zone C1 Chair Dotty Jackl
with additions by Ed Kane, webmaster
Photos by Rise Windell, University Place Lions
The 11 Lions Club members from Zone C-1 who met at the Ketron Cottage to drop off donations were taken on a tour of the 3 different children's cottages by Dr. Michelle Giresi. It was quite an eye opener for me. The Ketron Cottage is for the middle age children and they were verylions visiting Child Study & Treatment Center appreciative of our donations, especially the bikes  that Tacoma SE Lions donated.  They greeted us with a nice handmade welcome sign which we got to take home with us.  We filled up their hallways with clothes, games, puzzles, books, toiletries, Dollar Tree gift cards, and a total of $1,200 to help with any additional needs the children might have.
The facilities, located in Lakewood, are a function of the Child Study & Treatment Center,  Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Their Mission Statement, taken from their website states:

"The Child Study and Treatment Center (CSTC), located in Lakewood, WA is the only state-operated and funded psychiatric hospital for children and youth (ages 5 to 18).  Accredited by The Joint Commission, CSTC has a total capacity of 47 beds divided among three age and developmentally-based cottages. CSTC is a locked campus, securely designed for youth who cannot be served safety in less restrictive community settings. The average length of stay is approximately 6 months to one year. Camano Cottage serves children ages 6 to 12, Ketron Cottage serves youth up to 14 and Orcas Cottage serves the older youth up to their 18th birthday.  Elementary, middle and high school educational services are provided by the Clover Park School District (CPSD) under an agreement authorized by RCW 28A.190.040 governing residential programs for youth. CPSD coordinates educational planning with home school districts prior to admission and upon discharge.  Grounded by the therapeutic milieu, psychiatric treatment incorporates the most current evidence-based practices including cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused CBT, DBT, skills development, family and recreational therapies. Clinical services include medication management and 24-hour nursing services. CSTC engages families, guardians and community supports in treatment and discharge planning so that children can successfully transition back to their family home, or community-based foster placement.  CSTC is committed to culturally competent care for children with severe emotional disorders whose needs are often complicated by medical, social, legal and developmental issues."

A special thanks to Trenton Erker from Tacoma Downtown Lions Club for calling our attention to a much needed project for our zone.  Thank you's also go out to all the members who attended:  Joye Bucklin and Risë windell from University Place, Jan McCaffrey from Lakewood First, Kecia Stringfield from Lakewood Knights, John Doyle from Tacoma SE, Sue Schmidt from Gig Harbor, and from Tacoma Downtown: Barbara Wasser, Ed Burrough, Trenton Erker, and Ron Reierson.